Prepress, Framemaker und Strukturumgebungen
Adobe startet Serie von TCS-eSeminaren

Benefits of Structured Authoring
Join Adobe Product Evangelist, Tom Aldous, and Lynne A. Price, Text Structure Consulting, Inc., for an interactive and engaging eSeminar on the productivity benefits of structured authoring. This session explains in detail the differences in the document models underlying structured and unstructured FrameMaker. Our experts discuss the advantages of structured documents independently of DITA and XML, and then relate those standards to the structured model.
DATE: 21st April, 2010 (Thursday)
TIME: 10.00 am PST to 11.00 am PST

What's New In DITA 1.2? Why Would An Enterprise Want To Implement It?
Come join Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist and Noz Urbina, Congility 2011 Conference Expert, for this engaging and interactive eSeminar, as they walk you through DITA 1.2. The OASIS Technical Committee has released DITA 1.2. This release includes significantly more features than the DITA 1.1. 'What are these new features? Why do we need them' is a conversion heard around water coolers at many large and small enterprises. We will start with a one thousand foot overview of what are the information deployment challenges currently facing enterprises. Although DITA 1.1 helped revolutionize the world of documentation, we will talk about its deficiencies are and how DITA 1.2 effectively fills these gaps. We will also show you the comprehensive support for DITA 1.2 in both the Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3 and Adobe FrameMaker 10.
Date - April 12, 2011 (Tuesday)
Time - 10:00 AM (EST)
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If It Is Not Broken, Why Fix It? Why Would An Enterprise Upgrade To The Latest Version Of Adobe FrameMaker 10 And Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3?
Join Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist for an interactive and engaging eSeminar, as he talks about Documentation LifeCycle and how to measure Return On Investment (ROI) when changing your current environment to the latest revision of Adobe FrameMaker 10 and Adobe Technical Communication Suite 3. We know that the new features built into the latest releases of Adobe's market-leading technical communication tools will significantly improve productivity and give us the ability to communicate in new ways. But how do we communicate this value in a language that the management will understand and appreciate? It's called "Return On Investment (ROI)". Tom will also give a quick demonstration of some of the most valued new FrameMaker 10 and Technical Communication Suite 3 features as they relate to ROI
Date: May 12th, 2011 (Thursday)
Time: 10:00 am to 11.00 am PST
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Advantages of Adobe RoboHelp 9 for Today's Policy and Procedure Documentation
Join Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist, and experts from Lightext (, a leading provider of training and documentation services for the financial services industry, for an engaging and interactive eSeminar to learn how the 'hot' new features in Adobe RoboHelp 9 can be used to facilitate approval of procedures, filter content for specific users, enhance the usability of your policy and procedure library and more! Together with experts from Lightext and Adobe, find out how the new functionality in Adobe RoboHelp 9 can provide maximum benefit to your end-users in the policy and procedure world.
DATE: 10th May, 2011 (Tuesday)
TIME: 10.00 am to 11.00 am PST

Adobe FrameMaker 10 and ExtendScript Automation
Join Tom Aldous, Adobe Product Evangelist and Rick Quatro, a leading FrameMaker scripting expert with Carmen Publishing Inc., for an interactive and engaging eSeminar where they show how to automate your Adobe FrameMaker workflows with FrameMaker 10's built-in ExtendScript scripting environment. Learn to use ExtendScript to automate repetitive, error-prone tasks, and to enhance FrameMaker's functionality. See real-world, production scripts in action, and get a good look at the ExtendScript language and scripting interface.
DATE: 24th May, 2011 (Tuesday)
TIME: 10.00 am PST to 11.00 am PST

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